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Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

Exposure conditions for concrete according to British Standard 8110

Similarly to other international standards, the British Standard 8110-1 defines different exposure conditions based on the design environment. The environment can be: – Mild; – Moderate; – Severe; – Very severe; – Most severe; – Abrasive.   The mild environment is defined as: “Concrete surfaces protected against weather or aggressive conditions” The moderate environment is […]

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[DOWNLOAD] Torsional section properties for concrete sections according to ACI 314

In this post, an Excel spreadsheet for the evaluation of the torsional section properties of concrete sections according to the ACI 318 is available. The sections are: – rectangular near the edge; – rectangular in interior position; – L-shaped; – inverted tee. The design for torsion as per ACI 318 is based on a thin-walled tube, […]

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Staffe aperte o chiuse nelle travi?

Fritz Leonhardt viene da alcuni posto in contrapposizione con quanto vige oggi sul tema delle staffe. L’articolo di oggi prende spunto dai suoi testi per discutere di un tema spinoso: staffe aperte o chiuse nelle travi? Immagine di testata, dunque, che non poteva che essere dedicata a lui. Ma è vero che Leonhardt afferma che […]

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Unit weights for structural analysis

When dealing with structural analysis the first step is to evaluate loadings. We can have: dead loads; live loads; environmental loads. The dead load is the weight of the structure you are calculating. Dead loads can be calculated from the unit weights given in BS 648 named “Schedule of weights of building materials“. Here you […]

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