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Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

[DOWNLOAD] Excel spreadsheet for evaluation of crack width according to Eurocode 2

Another addition for the Downloads section. In this post we’ll discuss about an Excel spreadsheet for the evaluation of the crack width in concrete structures. The inputs required are: INPUT Characteristic compressive cylinder strength fck 30 N/mm² Characteristic tensile strength of reinforcement fyk 500 N/mm² Base b 300 mm Height h 500 mm QP moment […]

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Acid-soluble chloride, sulfate, shrinkage strain and other characteristic attributes for Normal-class concrete

In a previous post we have seen as the concrete in Australia is divided in Normal-class and Special-class. For the first one, the following are characteristic attributes: Mass per unit volume in the range of 2100 kg/m³ to 2800 kg/m³; Acid-soluble chloride shall not exceed: 0.8 kg/m³ for exposure classifications A1 and A2; the lesser […]

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Unit weights for structural analysis

When dealing with structural analysis the first step is to evaluate loadings. We can have: dead loads; live loads; environmental loads. The dead load is the weight of the structure you are calculating. Dead loads can be calculated from the unit weights given in BS 648 named “Schedule of weights of building materials“. Here you […]

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