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Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

[DOWNLOAD] Annual Probability of Exceedance for structures in New Zealand according to AS-NZS 1170

In this post an Excel spreadsheet based on the AS/NZS 1170 is available. Scope of the tool is to define the Annual Probability of Exceedance, P (and, hence, Average Recurrence Level, R), for Ultimate State Limit and Serviceability Limit States. The values are referred to New Zealand, as per Section 3, Table 3.3. The Annual […]

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Ultimate Limit States and Serviceability Limit States in Australian Standard AS 1170

The Limit States used in Australia (AS 1170.0 – Structural design actions) are similar to those of other codes, like the ISO ones. There are: – Ultimate Limit States, ULS; – Serviceability Limit States, SLS. There are two different types of Serviceability Limit States: – SLS1 => the structure and the non-structural components do not […]

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Orientation factor in wind action evaluation according to Australian Standard 1170.2

Once obtained the Site wind speed, the Structural Engineer needs a Design wind speed. As said in previous article, the Site wind speed – as the name says – is only related to a specific site, no matter of what structure we are analysing. In order to evaluate the specific wind speed on structure, the […]

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Site wind speed according to AS/NZS 1170.2

In order to obtain the Design wind velocity, the Structural Engineer needs to define the Site wind velocity. This value is substantially defined as the Regional wind velocity modified taking into account the direction and the exposure of the site. The formula used is: Md is a wind directional multiplier for the 8 cardinal directions […]

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Regional wind speed according to AS/NZS 1170:2

In order to obtain the design wind speed to be used in the calculation of design wind pressure, a regional wind velocity and a site wind velocity must be calculated. VR, the Regional wind speed, is defined as a 3-second gust wind speed. It is an all-directional basic action because no considerations on direction from which wind gust is […]

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