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Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

[DOWNLOAD] Annual Probability of Exceedance for structures in New Zealand according to AS-NZS 1170

In this post an Excel spreadsheet based on the AS/NZS 1170 is available. Scope of the tool is to define the Annual Probability of Exceedance, P (and, hence, Average Recurrence Level, R), for Ultimate State Limit and Serviceability Limit States. The values are referred to New Zealand, as per Section 3, Table 3.3. The Annual […]

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Orientation factor in wind action evaluation according to Australian Standard 1170.2

Once obtained the Site wind speed, the Structural Engineer needs a Design wind speed. As said in previous article, the Site wind speed – as the name says – is only related to a specific site, no matter of what structure we are analysing. In order to evaluate the specific wind speed on structure, the […]

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