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How to model the piping loads on the transverse beam of pipe racks

As seen in previous posts, a pipe rack is composed by transverse beam required to support the longitudinal piping. The piping arrangement can be very different from one project to another and specific Engineering judgment is required. The main problem discussed in this post is how to model the loads applied to the transverse beam. Let’s discuss […]

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Structural design of steel pipe racks

Pipe racks are structures used in the petrochemical, chemical and power plants industries. They are meant to support pipes, power cables and instrument cable trays. Sometimes, pipe racks support mechanical equipment, vessels and valve access platforms. Basically, they are a connection between equipment and storage or utility areas. The main structural components of the pipe […]

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Dead loads according to the Process Industry Practices (PIP)

In this post we are going to discuss about the loads defined in the Process Industry Practices (PIP). The PIP is a self-funded consortium of process industry companies that publishes common industry practices for projects and maintenance work. PIP develops “Practices” that are a compilation of Engineering standards from different Engineering disciplines. According to PIP, but […]

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