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Traffic loads on road bridges: the Load Model 4 (LM4) in Eurocodes

Written By: Lexatus - Nov• 12•13

Traffic loads 11 - Onorio

The Load Model 4, as defined in the EN 1991-2, is the crowd loading and is represented by a UDL equal to 5 kN/m². It includes dynamic amplification and in certain cases can be more critical than LM1.

It has been found that LM4 > LM1 in the following cases:

– for bridges with span lengths L ≥ 47.8 m and with a carriageway width w = 14.5 m;

– for bridges with span lengths L ≥ 145 m and with a carriageway width w = 10.0 m.

The above are configurations usually found in urban areas.

The LM4 can be applied at every location of the bridge’s deck and should be associated only with a transient design situation.

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