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[DOWNLOAD] Moment of Inertia of the cracked section transformed to concrete for T-sections according to ACI 314

Written By: Lexatus - Nov• 16•13

Cracked section 14 - Onorio

Following the Excel spreadsheet for the rectangular section, in the following you can download the spreadsheet for the evaluation of the Moment of Inertia of the cracked section transformed to concrete, Icr, for T-sections. The reference is the ACI 314R-11 “Guide to Simplified Design for Reinforced Concrete Buildings“.

Basically, starting from the gross section:

Cracked section 11 - Onorio

We can obtain the cracked transformed section:

Cracked section 12 - Onorio

The relation used is:

Cracked section 13 - Onorio

For a doubly reinforced section:

Cracked section 8 - Onorio

The cracked transformed section is:

Cracked section 9 - Onorio

And the equation to use in this case is:

Cracked section 10 - Onorio

You can download the Excel spread sheet from here:

Download at just € 0.99



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Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

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