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[DOWNLOAD] Excel spreadsheet for evaluation of crack width according to Eurocode 2

Written By: Lexatus - Nov• 23•13

Crack width 6 - Onorio

Another addition for the Downloads section. In this post we’ll discuss about an Excel spreadsheet for the evaluation of the crack width in concrete structures.

The inputs required are:

Characteristic compressive cylinder strength fck 30 N/mm²
Characteristic tensile strength of reinforcement fyk 500 N/mm²
Base b 300 mm
Height h 500 mm
QP moment M 100.0 kNm
Age at cracking 14 days
Cement type N [-]
Creep factor j 2.0 [-]
Area of tension steel As 600 mm²
Area of compression steel As2 314 mm²
Bar diameter Øeq 12 mm
Maxmum tension bar spacing S 200 mm
Short term or Long term? Long [-]
Cover to As c 25 mm
Depth for tension bars d 469 mm
Depth for compression bars d2 31 mm

The first output is related to the evaluation of the cracking moment. The software checks firstly if the section is cracked:

Modulus of elasticity of concrete Ecm 32.84 GPa
Modulus of elasticity of steel Es 200.0 GPa
Modular ratio ae 18.27 GPa
Reinforcement ratio for compressive steel r’ 0.0022 [-]
Reinforcement ratio for tension steel r 0.0043 [-]
Mean concrete strength at cracking fcm,t 34.26 MPa
Mean concrete tensile strength fct,eff 2.61 MPa
Uncracked neutral axis depth xu 256.53 mm
Uncracked 2nd moment of area Iu 3875 mm4 106
Cracking moment Mcr 41.56 kNm
Moment comparison The section is cracked

The second output is related to the stresses in the section, for both concrete and steel:

Fully cracked xc 140.71 mm
Stress limit coefficient for concrete k1 0.60 [-]
Concrete compression stress limit sc,lim 18.00 MPa
Concrete stress sc 9.29 MPa
Stress limit coefficient for steel k3 0.80 [-]
Steel tension stress limit ss,lim 400.00 MPa
Steel stress ss 396.18 MPa

The last output is related to the evaluation of the crack width:

Effective tension area Ac,eff 23250 mm²
As / Ac,eff rp,eff 0.0258 [-]
Equation (7.11) factor k3 3.4 [-]
Equation (7.11) factor k4 0.425 [-]
Maximum final distance between cracks sr,max 164.1 mm
Average strain for crack width calculation esm-ecm 1683.1 [-]
Calculated crack width wk 0.276 mm

Some screenshots below.

Crack width 1 - Onorio

Crack width 2 - Onorio

Crack width 3 - Onorio

Crack width 4 - Onorio

You can download the Excel spread sheet from here:

Download at just € 2.99



For any issues or questions, you can contact the author at:

Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

Crack width 5 - Onorio

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