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Strength grade of concrete in Australia

Written By: Lexatus - Oct• 19•13

Concrete strength - Onorio

The standard strength grade is basically the compressive strength capacity of the concrete. The standard grades in Australia, as per AS 1379 and AS 3600, are the following:

– 20;

– 25;

– 32;

– 40;

– 50;

– 65;

– 80;

– 100.

Each one of the above values is the design characteristic compressive strength after 28 days of standard curing. Hence:

– standard grade 20 => f’c = 20 MPa

The grade of the concrete is defined by a structural analysis and by the durability requirements. For example, when freezing and thawing are possible actions on the material, due to environmental conditions, the grades 20 and 25 are not acceptable. In details, f’c should be not less than:

– 32 MPa for occasional exposure (<25 cycles p.a);

– 40 MPa for frequent exposure (≥25 cycles p.a.).

Soil aggressivity is another important factor to be taken into account when defining the concrete grades. I’ll add more details on this in a future post.

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