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Ultimate Limit States and Serviceability Limit States in Australian Standard AS 1170

Written By: Lexatus - Sep• 30•13

The Limit States used in Australia (AS 1170.0 – Structural design actions) are similar to those of other codes, like the ISO ones.
There are:
Ultimate Limit States, ULS;
Serviceability Limit States, SLS.

There are two different types of Serviceability Limit States:

SLS1 => the structure and the non-structural components do not require repair after the SLS1 earthquake, snow or wind event;
SLS2 => the structure mantains operational continuity after the SLS2 earthquake.

The Table C1 of As/NZS 1170.0 – Structural design actions – General principles (Amdt 3) suggests criteria for the serviceability limit state; the elements considered are:
– roof cladding;
– roof-supporting elements;
– ceiling and ceiling supports;
– wall elements;
– floors and floor support.


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