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Excel spreadsheet for the evaluation of the Dynamic Response Factor as per AS 1170.2

Written By: Lexatus - Sep• 14•13

Dynamic Response Factor evaluation

As announced in a previous post (The Dynamic Response Factor as per Australian Standard 1170.2), I’m putting on free download an Excel tool I just created for the evaluation of the Dynamic Response Factor as per Section 6 of the Australian Standard 1170.2.

The inputs needed are the following:

  1. Design wind speed for chosen direction;
  2. First-mode natural frequency of vibration in the along-wind direction (how to calculate it will be discussed in a future post);
  3. Height of the level at which action effects are calculated;
  4. Height to the top of the structure;
  5. Turbulence intensity;
  6. Peak factor for the upwind velocity fluctuactions;
  7. Average breadth of the structure between heights s and h;
  8. Average breadth of the structure between heights 0 and h’
  9. Ratio of structural damping to critical damping of a structure.

The outputs are the following:

  1. Measure of the integral turbulence length scale at heights s and h;
  2. Height factor for the resonant response;
  3. Peak factor for the resonant response (10 min period);
  4. Size reduction factor;
  5. Reduced frequency (non dimensional);
  6. (π/4) times the spectrum of turbulence in the approaching wind stream;
  7. Background factor;
  8. Dynamic response factor.


The spreadsheet shows also a graphic that evaluates the Dynamic Response Factor at different sections along the height:

Graphic for Dynamic Response Factor evaluation

The Excel spreadsheet can be freely downloaded clicking the link below:



If you want to use this spreadsheet, check it and use it at your own risk.


For any issues or questions, you can contact the author at:

Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

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