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RO-Goal Seek: thousand equations solutions in just one click!

Written By: Francesco Salvatore Onorio - May• 12•12

Do you need to use Goal Seek function on multiple cells? You can do it manually multiple times or… save time using this custom function!

With RO-GoalSeek you can use the Excel function thousand of times in just one click!

Do you need results in short time? Don’t let your boss getting nervous, be quick!

This Excel sheet with macro permits to use the Goal Seek function (“Ricerca Obiettivo“, for italians) on multiple cells. This function is useful and powerful, but what to do when we have to use it on multiple cells? We could use Goal Seek n times, where n is the number of solutions we have to find or… use this custom function I’ve prepared for you.
This sheet provides a macro to automatically apply Goal Seek to a range of cells, arranged in either a column or a row.

This sheet comes with an example finding the first root of 20 quartic equations. You can study the function and use it for your projects, or ask me to prepare something for you.

Download at just 1.99 € !


Here some pics from the sheet.

In target cells you have to write the range in the correct form (don’t forget to put ‘ before range).

In to value you put the result of the equation.

In by changing cells you have to tell the software which cells are to be changed.

This is the quartic equation used as example, but you can use this function with everything you want!

This is the range with rows to be changed. In this example you should have changed those cells 20 times! Just figure the case of 1000 rows! You should manually use Goal Seek 1000 times! With this custom function you can change 1000 rows in just one click!

So, how to use this function? Simply clicking on a button!

To customize the function with your needs, just open the macro and follow the explanations!

Download at just 1.99 € !


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