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OFS – US to SI Converter: an Excel sheet for units conversions

Written By: Francesco Salvatore Onorio - Jul• 18•10

Just few hours ago I thought about possibility of having articles in English on this website; this is the first one, something of simple and easy to write down, but at least is something for startup. “OFS – US to SI Converter” is an Excel sheet that permits the conversions of units between US units system and SI system.

Here a list of what I’ve included:



  • in./sec² -> m/s² (2.54E-02)
  • ft/sec² -> m/s² (3.048E-01)



  • in.² -> m² (6.4516E-04)
  • ft² -> m² (9.2903E-02)

Area Moment of Inertia

(momento d’inerzia d’area)

  • in.^4 -> m^4 (6.4516E-04)



  • lb (avoir.)/in.³ -> kg/m³ (2.7680E04)
  • lb (avoir.)/ft³ (pcf) -> kg/m³ (1.6018E01)



  • ft-lb -> J (1.3558)
  • Btu -> J (1.0551E03)



  • lb -> N (4.4482)
  • kip (1000 lb) -> N (4.4482E03)
  • ton (2000 lb) -> N (8.8964E03)



  • in. -> m (2.54E-02)
  • ft -> m (3.048E-01)
  • mi -> m (1.6093E03)
  • nautical mi -> m (1.852E03)



  • lb-sec²/ft (slug) -> kg (1.4594E01)
  • lb (avoir.) -> kg (4.5359E-01)

Mass Moment of Inertia

(momento d’inerzia di massa)

  • lb-ft-sec² (slug-ft²) -> kg m² (1.3558)



  • in.-lb -> N m (1.1298E-01)
  • ft-lb -> N m (1.3558)



  • lb/in.² (psi) -> Pa (6.8948E03)
  • lb/ft² (psf) -> Pa (4.7880E01)
  • tons/ft² (tsf) -> Pa (9.5760E04)



  • ft/sec -> m/s (3.048E-01)
  • mi/hr -> m/s (4.4704E-01)
  • nautical mi/hr (knot) -> m/s (5.1444E-01)



  • in³ -> m³ (1.6387E-05)
  • ft³ -> m³ (2.8317E-02)

You can download the .XLSX version from here:

Download at just 1.99 € !

The file are protected against accidental modifies; you have only to insert values in coloured cells. If you want to unblock the cells then you have to use as password “Inter“, without quotes (yes, I’m a great Inter F.C. fan).

For guidance, reports and more you can contact the author at:

Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

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