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From ingegnere strutturista to Structural Engineer?

Written By: Francesco Salvatore Onorio - Jul• 18•10

After seeing latest visits stats for this site, I have spent some time thinking about language to use on it. In the last period, a lot of visits came from United States, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain and France, and someone often is connected from Japan, China, India, Algeria, Congo, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc. Two considerations need to be made: if someone is connected from Los Angeles and spend 15 minutes reading articles then he is Italian, obviously. So, is there no need to use English? Not for this specific reason, of course. But then I thought about this matter and asked myself: why don’t extend the blog and make it accessible also to Chineses, Japaneses, Indians and so on? Maybe my English isn’t good enough but… hey, let’s try.
So, I will continue to write in Italian as first language but sometimes you could find articles in English. Then, if someone is interested in the argument, I could send him the translation of the page (there is also Google, don’t forget).

So, thank you visitors from other countries, I hope you will find this blog more interesting in future.

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Eng. Onorio Francesco Salvatore

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